The Displaced Families of Artsakh need your help now, more than ever.

As of May 31, 2021, we have provided humanitarian relief for
over 2,774 displaced families (11,920 people) from Artsakh.


Naregatsi Art Institute is a non-profit cultural organization, but since the start of the recent war in Artsakh , we have been providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced families and communities who have had their lives completely uprooted. We have been organizing and distributing humanitarian aid through the following process:  

1. The staff pre-register displaced citizens from Artsakh, specifying the type of assistance (either Financial and/or Material)

2. We collect the personal information for the displaced civilians who are in need humanitarian assistance (birthplace, residential address, telephone number, number of family members, current housing, etc.)

3. The staff will then review and organize the coordination of documents required for assistance. At this point, we will also coordinate the transportation of said necessary supplies to Naregatsi Art Institute - the point from which the requested aid is collected.

4. Additionally, our staff will not only personally visit the current settlements of the displaced citizens who applied for humanitarian assistance to assess the amount of support required but will also bring those donations to those specific settlements.


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Naregatsi Art Institute is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All Donations are tax deductible.