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Since September 27,2020 - the first day of the war that Azerbaijan unleashed against the ancestral population of Artsakh on - Naregatsi Art Institute has come to aid the families affected by this unprovoked aggression. Using our internal resources and direct assistance from benefactors, we engaged to help the displaced people of Artsakh in any capacity we could. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our current sponsors, who have gone above and beyond in directly funding our humanitarian initiative.

At Naregatsi, we have launched a humanitarian outreach program within our organization, which aims to provide material assistance to over 1000 displaced families from Artsakh. This includes the provision of basic living necessities such as winter clothes, blankets, pillows, linen, hats, gloves, diapers, space heaters, and other household items. Our immediate short-term goal is to provide sustenance and day-to-day survival means to these families, but in regards to the future, we aim to prevent these families from considering emigrating away from Armenia by providing support and giving them hope in any way we can. Powerful factors such as utter despair, total lack of resources, and prospects of their futures may trigger an exodus of these families from Armenia and Artsakh.

Small changes with a big difference

We are proud to provide any form of humanitarian assistance to our brothers and sisters displaced from Artsakh- who come from regions across Artsakh such as Shoushi, Askeran, Hadrut, Martakert, Kashatagh, Martuni, and Shahumyan. These families, whose lives have been completely uprooted, found themselves homeless overnight. Currently, there are 300 families from Shoushi and 200 families from other regions that desperately need your support.

Naregatsi Art Institute will continue to maintain our humanitarian aid programs, directing our efforts to the most important cause - the post-war reconstruction of Artsakh and the strengthening the legendary mental fortitude of the Armenian people.

The war-affected children of Artsakh have not stopped dreaming about the future, and we must do everything to provide a solid foundation for a bright and peaceful future.


Meet our team

Aram Hartounian

Project Manager

Gayane Khachatryan

Outreach Program Director

Lusin Vanes

Registration/Aid Organizer

Vazken Karakashian

Aid Organizer

Hripsime Aslikyan

PR Specialist

Alisa Voskanyan

Executive Accountant

Njdeh Nalbandyan

Video Editor

Davit Berberyan

Video Editor

Vlad Hunanyan

Aid Administrator


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